Strong 100FT Paracord Outdoor Campling Survival Rope

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  • Strong and durable polyester line
  • Quick drying and will not rot or mildew
  • Great for camping, hunting, shoelaces, tarp ridge lines and much more
  • Essential item for all survival kits

Brand Name: YoouPara
Type: P4100f
Item name: Paracord
Paracord Material: Polyester
Paracord Standard: 7 inner strands rope
Paracord Diameter: 4mm(5/32")
Paracord length: 100feet (about 31meters)
Paracord Minimum breaking strength: 550lb
Paracord name: Rope
Paracord colors: 252 different colors
Use: outdoor camping equipment survival kit
Rope type: Survival kit